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5950 Sherry Lane Fitness

Interprise was challenged with adding elevated amenities to this Preston Centre building while maintaining the integrity of the existing lobby and building standards. Rich wood flooring, a dramatic marble backsplash, oval lighting coves, and lush fabrics radiate into the lobby and bring a new life into the building’s entryway. A textured glass screen grants a subtle privacy to the space while allowing the natural light to spill into the rest of the first floor. An enlarged opening leads tenants into a revived corridor which features curved niches and an expressive brushstroke wallpaper. A movable partition, writable surfaces, and flexible furniture is complimented by the added elegance of embossed engineered stone and smoked glass sconces to create a stylish and functional conference center. Curved lighting guides the eye as it glides up the Fitness Center’s walls, onto the ceiling and through the locker area. Vibrant copper mirrors and a bold mauve ceiling stand out against the natural wood tones. The shower rooms are accented with warm wood tones, marble veining, and matte black fixtures to create a spa like retreat.

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