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Dallas, TX

Gateway Tower

Hartman Income REIT, engaged Interprise to help them develop a full floor at Gateway Tower into a co-working concept. In order to compete with other co-working companies and attract new tenants in a different type of market, the floor was divided into smaller suites and offices with a shared common area. The Interprise team created a centralized amenities space made up of conference rooms of varying sizes and multiple break areas. Use of this sophisticated amenities space would be exclusive to the 13th floor tenants. A neutral color palette was selected for the common areas so not to brand the space, allowing tenants to feel and treat these areas as an extension of their own workspaces. The modern design was achieved with clean lines, a high contrast finish palette, and bright linear lighting throughout. Overall the client’s goal was accomplished by providing an attractive, functional space that many tenants could successfully share and use together.

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