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Dallas, TX

KPMG Tower Fitness

Stream Realty tasked Interprise with designing an upscale fitness center that not only met, but exceeded the expectations for their class AAA Art’s District building. The team focused on elevating the typical fitness center amenity by purposefully deviating away from pops of color and bright lighting. Incorporating natural materials, contrasting matte blacks and glossy whites, unexpected transition lines, bronze mirrors and softened indirect lighting accomplishes a sophisticated and elegant approach to recreational design. Cardio equipment was thoughtfully placed along and facing the exterior perimeter of the space to capitalize on the view of the surrounding sculpture garden. Centralizing the locker rooms on the interior wall distinguishes fitness zones and allows the natural light to spill into the entire space. The disguised acoustical wood toned materials including fiberglass ceiling tile, wall and floor materials were cleverly implemented into design to reduce sound and reverberation into the adjacent suite.

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